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The Admin of this site received the following email today, January 7th, from Steve Marshall:

I know a lot of people have been waiting for Bodeng Juatco Sr’s response to my proposal which was to give him the opportunity to face the people that are making allegations against his family or business.

Some of you may know about the allegations on or the Province newspaper

Mr Juatco Sr’s sarcastic response sounded more like an attack so I put forward my own opinion on his response and made a suggestion how to conclude these issues.

November 30th 2013 date came and i never hear a thing from Bodeng Juatco Sr.  I got to thinking he could say he never heard of my suggestion so I posted it on the same Facebook thread where he posted his response:

Philippine Chronicle FB page OCT 31 EDITORIAL after Steve comment

(Here’s Up – close Screen Shot:)

Steve Comment Up Close PC FB

I discovered today that I appear to be now blocked from the Philippine Chronicle Facebook page.  

I also put my comment on the Philippine Asian Chronicle site.

Tsismoso ka ba  Philippine Asian Chronicle website after Steve's comment

(Here’s Up – close Screen Shot:)

Steve Marshall CommentUp Close on PAC Website

Then I extended the time to hear from him to Dec 15/2013.  See

It is now January 7/2014 and I have not heard from Bodeng Juatco Sr. or any of his family members at all.  It may surprise some of you that after writing his editorial dismissing all these allegations as simply “petty tsismis” (rumors) that he is not willing to face these allegations head on.

I was not surprised at all.   I was confident he would have nothing constructive to say directly to his accusers.

– Steve Marshall / January 7, 2014


On Steve Marshall’s proposal/challenge to Roque ‘Bodeng Juatco Sr’ on November 7, 2013, it clearly states at the end part:

“The simple fact is someone is not telling the truth here.  It’s either all the alleged victims or the Juatco’s.  It’s as simple as that.   I will give the Juatco’s until November 30th/2013 to let me know their intentions one way or the other.   If the Juatco’s choose not to participate,  I will conclude they have no such counter evidence.  The public can decide what to think after that.”

NOW WE LET THE PUBLIC DECIDE. More alleged victims testimonies coming soon on this site.

People were asking that after this information dissemination, what does the blog aim? IT REMAINS THE SAME: to let people and the entire community and the world know that these could really be happening (or this group of people are ALL telling a lie against just one person/family who couldn’t even say anything substantial or provide sufficient evidences to stand their lowly defense) and to prevent MORE possible occurrence of situations like these now and in the future.  This is our share to the world in order to help those who otherwise can’t be given justice by technical default (civil case, no proof, tricked, lapsed in time, etc) in our legal system, by our police authorities, by our leaders, by many concerned people who do not even care because they are not directly affected at all or protecting their own personal vested interests.

– Admin

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