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STORY POST #05: Maevn Hauser’s unfortunate story and bad experience with JANICE LOZANO and ROQUE JUATCO JR. involving more than $15,000.00

Dear Ms. Nellie Vandt,

My name is Marck Anthony Nery Gutierrez –Hauser, also known to others as “Maevn Hauser”. I am in my mid 30’s now and I am gay. I was a caregiver when I arrived in Canada in 2005, got married in 2007 and got my permanent residency status in 2008.

I met Janice Lozano and Roque “Rocky” Juatco Jr., in the early months of 2010 when they watched one of our group MUSICA’S shows in Vancouver and featured it on their existing show then, the “Pinoy Buzz” on Shaw Multicultural Channel 119 (now 116).  [].  That started our acquaintance. They asked me to be their TV shows correspondent and also their mother, Erly Juatco asked me to write an entertainment column on their family newspaper, The Philippine Asian Chronicle.[].  In both tasks, I wasn’t really compensated but it was okay for me because I thought it was an opportunity for me to be part of their team. I’ve always wanted to be a TV Correspondent, a columnist, an audition master, etc., – tasks that I really love to do. Our acquaintance later became friendship, or so I thought. I treated Janice Lozano and Roque Juatco Jr. like family – like a sister and a brother to me. They completely got my attention and my trust. [Link to  PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS of “happier” days with Janice Lozano, Roque Juatco Jr.]

Because of my connection with Janice Lozano and Pinoy Buzz, I also became a member of the so called Hirit Family, lead by Jojo Quimpo.  Hirit Family or Hirit Group is the organizers of the Pinoy Fiesta event [] every summer in Vancouver and Janice Lozano is a known major organizer of that event. I was enjoying everything with the Hirit Group then; it was all fun, laughter and activities, big and small. I thought I was living the life of an entertainer. It’s only now that I realized that their connection with the Hirit group is being used by Janice Lozano and Roque Juatco Jr. as a platform to cover up what they have been doing alongside.

Around mid-fall months of same year, Janice Lozano talked to me seriously and asked to get some help and favour for her husband, Roque “Rocky”Juatco Jr. That was to get an account at Bell Mobile Company because Roque “Rocky” Juatco Jr. has an IPhone4 but doesn’t have any network. Because I trusted them, that same night we went to Guildford Mall and got the account using my VISA with a promise that they would be paying the monthly bills. The contract was given to and each time I received an online billing statement from Bell, I always reminded them that bill needs to be paid and I gave them those copies.

One day, Janice Lozano told me she wanted to send me in the Philippines because apparently another person they sent before, Lisa Lopez, could not do her job well. She said she wanted me to be there by January 2011 so that I can get lots of interviews and greetings prior to Pinoy Buzz First Anniversary in February “coz I want to really have a huge grand night.” When I heard that, I was excited because I wanted to visit my mom and relatives. However, in the early December of 2010 I received a text from Janice that her bag got stolen at Pacific Mall, downtown Vancouver and apparently, there was $10,000 inside the bag which they’ve got from their business partner named Vince Cruz (they said he is Janice’s cousin). Naturally I believed the story and was sympathetic because it was a huge amount of money. The next days I would overhear Janice Lozano’s complaints and dismays about not being able to send me because they could not shoulder my airfare anymore. Because I thought I was already part of the team, I volunteered that I could share with the expenses by taking care of my own pocket money. After searching for the cheapest fare, and because it was still high ($1400) we agreed that I would shoulder half of the airfare, half for then to pay and that they will also give me $500 pocket money on top of that, just so I will do all tasks I was told to do in the Philippines. Their half share turned out not paid anymore.

About a few days before my departure, we went to a Shui Sha Yah Japanese Restaurant at Metrotown for dinner then we went to Future Shop and she asked me if I could apply for a Credit Account so they can bring a camera which I will bring with me for interview use in the Philippines. Thinking about it now, I knew I was so naïve and foolish to have agreed, but during that time I fully trusted them. I was qualified for a $3,000 credit limit. Roque Juatco Jr. told me that they will help me establish a good credit rating by using my credit. He said, “Oh sis, don’t worry. You know me, right? Money is nothing for us; we always have that on hand”, and was seconded in agreement by Janice Lozano. That night, they purchased the latest model Canon HD Camera and a GPS using my newly approved Future Shop credit card. Why did I agree to that? I was ignorant about using and promoting credit history. Because I trusted them and I thought they were my friends and they treated me as family as they would always say, and calling me “sister”, I thought they meant well. And it is true that I always see cash on their hands – $5’s, $10’s, $20’s in a bundle. I believed they were really well-off because they live in a big house, they drive good cars, and their parents are newspaper publishers. I thought the family newspaper Philippine Asian Chronicle is highly respected and well established in the community because that’s what they made me believed in. I gave them my 100% trust.

Before I went to the Philippines, they asked me again to apply for BMO Master Card which they said I can use for my expenses in the Philippines and they will pay it. I was approved for $1,000 credit limit but we were unable to get the card right away because they need to process it and send to me by mail. I went to the Philippines without the BMO MasterCard since I don’t really need it, for I already have my own Visa card which I actually used to pay my airfare.

After only 2 weeks in the Philippines, I came back to Canada in January 31, 2011, and I knew that I accomplished everything they asked me to do in the Philippines like interviewing stars. Janice Lozano even asked me to bring lots of imitation bags and shoes/sandals for her, bought by her other friend upon her request. I was unhappy though as I felt that because of what they asked me to do there, I wasn’t able to enjoy my stay. I didn’t even have bonding times with my mom. I never hide that unhappiness to them and they promised me that come May when they go to the Philippines, they will bring me along with them. They then immediately followed-up the Master Card and I told them it did not come on time so I didn’t use it.

Around that time, they were doing renovations at a warehouse unit in Richmond (138-11860 Hammersmith Way) to make it their entertainment studio and they asked me to help them and some of the members of our “team” namely Liza Lopez, Romeo Gabriola Torres, Marcelita Torres, Paul Lumandas together with Roque Juatco Jr’s friend, Rich Yambao.  I did everything I could for about 3 days to help clean up even though I know my health will be affected. (I have scoliosis and allergic reaction from dust). I was told they will give me something special for helping but I didn’t receive any. I do not know if the others received any for their work done.

Later on, they asked me again to apply for a Best Buy credit card [link] and where I was approved for $2,500. They used that to buy Apple desk top computers, flat screen television, smart cell phones and cell phone accessories amounting in total to almost the maximum limit of the card. They also continued to use the remaining balance of my Future Shop account and purchased cell phones because they said that each member of the Pinoy Buzz team must have company phone. They bought IPhone4, Blackberry and Nokia through Rogers and Fido Networks.

We also went to IKEA and the couple again asked me to apply for their credit card since they want to buy furniture they need at the studio. The application was declined perhaps it’s because I already have applied for so much in the last couple of months. I think there was another guy who was also member of the Pinoy Buzz Team and Hirit family whom they asked to apply and was probably approved.They purchased furniture with me and him in tow and I saw him signing the purchase receipts at the register area. But I wont be the one to tell this person’s story.  When he reads this, and if he indeed has the same experience as I did, I hope he will have the courage to come out too.

Early month of February, 2011, I received the BMO Master Card and naturally the couple learned about it. The first time we used the card was in a Thai restaurant in Vancouver. One morning, Roque Juatco Jr. asked me if I can withdraw money from the Master Card because apparently they will use it for Janice’s grandfather who was in the hospital. That time I can’t go out to withdraw the money myself so he suggested that he would just pick it up from me and to give him the pin number so he could withdraw. Since I thought we have a brother-sister relationship I entrusted him the card.

All those times I really thought that I could trust them fully – that we have a brother-sister relationship. I thought they were really rich, and that they are only helping me develops my credit history and that they will take care of paying all those credit card purchases. I admit now that I was also blinded by their many verbal promises like me having my own show, bringing me to concert tours, album release for me, etc.

The BMO MasterCard was never returned to me. Each time we would see each other and I asked for the card, both would always have a ready alibi, either it was on another purse, forgot at home, etc. Days and weeks passed by and I also got tired asking about the card.

From December purchase to around April, whenever a credit card bill arrives, I would forward it to Roque Juatco Jr. and they managed to pay only the minimum payment 3-4 times. All my credit cards were used in full, because even the Fido and Roger phone accounts used by the team were charged pre-authorized to my originally owned VISA card.[link to one of the bills] The Fido [link to one of the bills] and Roger Accounts [linkto one of the bills] were named to Pinoy Buzz [link to one of the bills showing Pinoy Buzz name] but were billed to me. One day, Roque Juatco Jr., told me he wants to purchase a motorcycle and asked me to call a number to apply for a credit line of $10,000. I don’t know now why I did those during that time but all I know was that I was doing the favour they asked me to do because I am still part of Pinoy Buzz Team and that I was working for them. I called a certain number – I can’t exactly remember now which credit line company. They even texted me information that I will tell: my job specification, salary in a month, etc. Roque Juatco Jr. told me that if ever I will be approved, we will pay all the credit cards bills for that month first, he will buy his motorcycle, and then we will use the remaining balance as pocket money for our Philippines trip. My application was not approved.

In May 2011 we all went to the Philippines – Janice Lozano, Roque Juatco Jr, and another Pinoy Buzz Correspondent, Adelyn Cupino. This time, the couple paid for my plane tickets. I remember they got the tickets at Smile Travel in Surrey because the Filipino staff or manager there kept on calling me regarding my booking. Around that time we were to leave for the Philippines, there were already credit card bills not being paid.

They came back to Canada ahead of me after around 2-3 weeks and I stayed for another two months as I wanted to enjoy my stay with my mom and relatives for a family emergency, which I was never able to do on the first trip they asked me to do work assignments for them. While in the Philippines, I requested my husband to take care of communicating with them regarding the credit card and phone bills that kept on coming. They stood him up in meeting appointments though. My husband even informed Roque Juatco’s mother, Erlinda “Erly” Juatco already and all 3 would keep on agreeing to meet him but never showed up. There was only one time that a brother of Roque Juatco showed up and gave small amount for partial payment of minimum fees. Later, they would not communicate with my husband anymore and insisted that they have no dealings with him but with me.

Whenever we talked on the phone, the couple made a way of not talking about the bills. At one time, Janice Lozano even demanded to know some of my personal information so she can to be able to directly deal with the phone companies regarding changes of plans, etc. Initially, I refused to give her those personal information but she got mad at me and I was afraid that when I get back to Canada they will not include me in the team anymore, so I obliged.

I was already bothersome while in the Philippines but I still communicated with them, even did the errands they asked me to do for them before going back to Canada like buying stuff for them + other correspondent jobs for Pinoy Buzz. I felt at that time that I needed to hold on to them so that they will pay all those credit cards and phone bills and my name will be cleared of all those debts.

I went back to Canada in early July, 2011. That time, there were already credit card companies demand letters to pay and some from collector companies. I contacted the credit card companies and cooperated with the collector agencies and I relayed everything to Janice Lozano and Roque Juatco Jr, through texting. They won’t see me anymore. Our communication is only by texting. I started to be afraid. I felt so alone and afraid because this was the very first time that happened to me. I never had any bad history of being in debt. One of my biggest mistakes too was that I kept everything secret to my husband because they instructed me to do so – to not let my husband know so that my husband won’t get mad at me. They said that by the time my husband discovers the purchases would have already been paid for and that my credit rating went up already. I listened to them because I looked onto them as my closest friends, as my older siblings who will guide me in a country that is still so strange to me. I trusted them so much because they are also Filipinos – we have the same culture, belief and traditions.

Later I have come to realized that they were no longer interested to pay the bills – that they just kept on making promises that they will pay but never did. They were not paying attention whenever I told them about the bills and were only interested to meet me so that I continuously work for them unpaid.

When my husband learned about all these, he was able to forgive me but still would not be able to help me for he is the only one working with pay – he pays for our daily expenses and we live in a pay cheque to pay cheque situation too. I have no means to pay for those bills especially with the high interest rate. The total bills amounted to almost $15,500. My husband helped me pay the service fees when I started filing for bankruptcy. And so I did. I declared bankruptcy for not being able to pay the credit cards bills and 4 different phone bills in Pinoy Buzz account name but charged to my name that Janice Lozano and Roque Juatco Jr. used for their personal and business use.

Because of what happened to me and Janice Lozano and Roque Juatco Jr. I decided to also cut my ties with the rest of the Pinoy Buzz Team and the Hirit Group. The month the Pinoy Fiesta 2011 is to be held and I was supposed to be one of the host but I told the Hirit Group Leader and Pinoy Fiesta head organizer Jojo Quimpo that I can not do that anymore. I also pulled out the performance of the group MUSICA which I co-founded. I also informed my co member of Pinoy Pride Vancouver that I won’t be joining them in the parade anymore. When those decision reached Janice Lozano, she was very mad at me and started sending me ranting text messages.

There were some text messages of Janice Lozano to me that are threatening, one of which was: “You started a war then we will push through with it and don’t dare to say nasty things about us because we will go to your place knock at your door or drag your door and I’ll smash your face”. Even Roque Juatco Jr. sent me a message that says he wishes that our paths never cross or else he will give me a punch or something else that I have never experience yet in my life.

I was really afraid then. I didn’t think of going to the Police because I was afraid of scandal. I got mixed emotions. I was mad but I was also frightened. I am depressed and I don’t know what to do. I am already bankrupt, I lost my friends and my group, my relationship with my husband was somehow got affected by all that happened, and on top of it, I feared for my life. I was so down and confused and depressed that I became suicidal. For the love of my mom, and so that I could regain strength, I decided to go back to the Philippines again.

After 7 months in the Philippines, I went back to Canada trying to regain the broken pieces of my life – to start a new one. I thought I was ready and prepared but after going out anew, I realized I was still breaking down, especially whenever I see Janice Lozano and Roque Juatco Jr. on Facebook postings and newspapers with all smile faces everywhere, every occasion, every event. That the community still believe in them and hail them as “celebrities”, “leaders”, “rich and famous”. My heart is tearing in pain. I am a victim and I should be getting the justice but why is it I am the one suffering and being outcasted. I was very angry but I know that I can’t do anything. I am still afraid. I am still weak. I trusted no one. I felt traumatized. I always felt that I will only be alone in this. I felt that nobody can help me. I don’t know if people will believe me for I am a nobody.

After a while, I had the fortunate chance of meeting again some concern people, people who believed in me and helped me start anew. I begun going out in the community again. But it was not to last longer in peace.

At the Vancouver Pride Parade 2012 where I joined the parade with the Pinoy Pride Vancouver group, Janice Lozano was there and was able to get to where I was. She confronted me and harassed me with her eyes looking at me, and with her body gestures and talking aimed at intimidating me. She was trying to provoke me then. I used my mind and kept myself calm until some people started approaching and then she walked away from me.

I was invited to be a guest at a talk show Simply the Best The Luisa Marshall Show in August about bullying in general (we mostly talked about bullying in school) and in Feb. 6th I learned that in a posting by Hirit Group leader Jojo Quimpo, there was a comment by one of their members, Romeo Gabriola Torres who made fun of me and called me not by my name but as “gay” and “bakla”. [link to comment of Romeo Gabriola Torres on Jojo Quimpo FB post of Feb. 6th].

On early December 2012, I attended the Pinoy Pride Vancouver Christmas party as I was informed that they were not coming as it’s only exclusive the LGBTQ Community, but was surprised that their group came later. The moment Janice Lozano entered the room she started staring at me with vicious eyes and annoying smile which I knew were intended to intimidate and harass me. To avoid trouble I bid goodbye to everyone and went home.

Last June of this year 2013, my new found friends invited me to come with them to a birthday party of a VIP lady. When Janice Lozano entered the room she even intentionally bumped into my shoulder in an aim to to intimidate me again. Roque Juatco Jr. was also hovering with his ferocious looks to intimidate me and my group.

I do not know if until when they will continue doing it to me and others that they have victimized and bullied.  They usually come to events with their Hirit group and seem to be using them as their shield, and as long as Janice Lozano and Roque Juatco Jr. are supported by these people especially their leader Jojo Quimpo and other people (especially leaders) in the community by using their status as media (even if their TV show has stopped airing in August 2012) –  they will probably go on – continuously parading and displaying their power and projection.

I do know though that I am not alone now and even if I was also shocked to read the other stories in your blog site, it gave me the courage to come out and tell my story. I admit that I have been very stupid letting Janice Lozano and Roque Juatco Jr. to fool me and allowed them to use my naivety and dreams to be able to manipulate me into doing the things they asked me to do, but I am now not anymore ashamed of what happened to me because I was only a victim – and I became one because I trusted and believed.  I want people to know that Janice Lozano and Roque Juatco Jr. are very good in doing this and that they seemed to be so well-trained and professional and know what to do when the going gets tough already. They will befriend you first then manipulate you, avoid you after, threaten you, intimidate you, bully you – so that you will choose to disappear in their lives and in the community and their wrong doing will then be safe and unknown to many.

Now my life is not what I pictured it to be when I first landed in Canada. Now I live in fear – and have difficulty trusting people. Because I am already bankrupt due to my ignorance and vulnerability, I can no longer sponsor my mom to coming here with me. My mom is not getting any younger and is living in the Philippines without immediate family (I am her only child and she is a single mom) so I worry a lot about her – but what can I do but cry and regret?  I am having a hard time finding a job because I am still hesitant to go out in public completely. I still have friends but I also can’t completely trust them. If there is one thing left though aside from my dignity and my husband’s support, it is my faith in God.

I know that I cannot undo what has been done to me, I know that some may ridicule me and call me idiot, stupid, foolish for allowing those wrongdoings be done to me, I know that some people may question me, but in coming with these – the truth, I hope to be able to achieve peace knowing that if anything happens to me from then on, I have let other people know the background behind all my agonies, worries, depression, and fear. Please pray for my safety and and I will also pray for yours, Miss Vandt.

Thank you,

Maevn Hauser

P.S. I reported the bullying and threat being done to me to the Surrey RCMP in late 2012.  File Report No. 12-171560  I told the police officer in charge this story that led to the bullying and threat.


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