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POST #8: IN MY OPINION by Steve Marshall: My comments and suggestions to conclude the alleged victims vs Juatco’s issue once and for all – Nov. 7, 2013

Dear Nellie Vandt,

This is my personal opinion about the story of local Filipinos alleging wrongdoings by the Juatco family in Vancouver.  I will present a way to conclude this issue later in this article.

(I want to make it clear that any referral to “the Juatco’s” in my writings refers to Bodeng or Roque Juatco Sr., Erly or Erlinda Juatco and Rocky or Roque Juatco Jr., his wife Janice Lozano.  The name “the Juatco’s” does not refer to any of their direct blood relations in Canada or the Philippines or other Juatco’s in the world.

As many of you may know, a group of people have come forward and posted their alleged stories and experiences with Janice Lozano and Roque Juatco Jr., Bodeng and Erly Juatco on Nellie Vandt’s site   Furthermore, just lately the Province Newspaper reported about further allegations against Roque Jr.’s parents Bodeng and Erly Juatco.   See

On October 30/2013,  Bodeng Juatco posted his answer to all these allegations Titled “Tsismoso ka ba?”  [anything in brackets from here on are English translations] – Are you a Gossiper?] on the Philippine Chronicle Facebook wall for what he considered his side of the story against the accusations against him and his family written on Nellie Vandt’s website and as mentioned in the Province newspaper.


How can Bodeng Juatco refer to the alleged victims as “Tsismoso [Gossiper] and saying this information is “petty tsimis” [rumors] when;

  • A Supreme Court judge finds Bodeng Juatco and his company newspaper (at that time called the Philippine Chronicle) at fault and orders them to pay back $15,000.00 to Connie Mananquil?  
  • There is a copy of a bounced (insufficient funds) check for $500.00 payable to the Multicultural Helping House Society paid by the Philippine Asian Chronicle.   This was for a full page back cover ad for the Philippine Asian Chronicle Newspaper in color.  The book was about the awarding ceremony for recipients of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal awardees.  Coincidently, Bodeng was one of the awardees.     
  • There is a BC court case that Rolly Salazar had to pay the loan he co-signed on the truck for Bodeng’s son Roque Jr. which was involved in a crash.
  • There are Nellie Vandt’s speakers she allegedly lent Janice Lozano and Roque Juatco Jr. that disappeared from the Pinoy Buzz studio and suddenly ended up in a pawn shop.
  • There is a bounced check paid by the Philippine Asian Chronicle to Ellen Sarmiento for $1,500.00. (Bodeng mentions his son told him not to honor the checks.  If that was the case Bodeng would call or go to the bank and put a stop to the check.  What really happened is the check was returned for ‘NON SUFFICIENT FUNDS”  not because he put a stop to it.
  • There is a bounced check paid by the Philippine Asian Chronicle to Cita Schijven for $1,500.00
  • As far as Maevn Hauser goes,  he and Bodeng have totally different stories.  Maevn though has provided some document proofs on his story submitted to Nellie Vandt blog and said he has reported to the Surrey RCMP with a file number given.  It would be great to sit Roque Jr., Janice Lozano and Maevn Hauser together on camera and go over all the pieces of evidence to see who is telling the truth.

The public has been waiting for a response from the Juatco’s to rebut these allegations.   I read the “Editorial” and discovered Bodeng didn’t really answer anything properly as would be expected from a 26 year editor of The Philippine Asian Chronicle.   I expected him to directly dispute and show proof that each and every one of these accusations is untrue against him and his family.

Bodeng did not dispute what appears in my opinion to show checks bounced that he could directly dispute.  Bodeng should be able to show copies of a second counter check that was cashed by each accuser that shows all bounced checks were paid back in full.  Very simple process but he didn’t.

Instead, Bodeng offered a cheeky offensive character assassination of other members of the community describing exactly who they are without stating their names.  The most disturbing paragraph Bodeng wrote was; “…The bulldogs in this campaign are the (top) realtor, an architect pseudo photographer (who also fell out of grace from my son’s group, naiinis daw dahil napaalis sa stage [apparently annoyed because he was sent out of the stage] during one Pinoy Fiesta event.but somebody also said that hindi daw kasi na suplayan ng cialis ng anak ko) [my son was not able to supply him with Cialis] and a local impersonator.”

These are serious allegations against the Juatco’s and Bodeng writes something like that?  A joke about Cialis? How can anyone that has any common sense take Bodeng Juatco’s response seriously?  His supporters touted this as a big revelation that Bodeng finally told his side of the story.  I was very disappointed that Bodeng Juatco provided no evidence or facts to support his family’s innocence.

In my opinion,  Bodeng’s response appears more like a cyber bullying tactic to distract readers from the real issues.  I can see it runs in the family and among some of their supporters.  Roque Juatco Jr. was involved along with some friends and associates in what also appeared to me to be a cyberbully Facebook thread on Jojo Quimpo’s wall on or about Feb/2013, “Hypocrisy annoys me, people need to look into mirrors.”  This thread had over 115 posts with most laughing and attacking people.  Roque Jr. called down my wife’s chosen line of work a few times and eventually named her while making all sorts of accusations without showing any evidence.  In my opinion, the most vicious comment on this thread included homophobic comments from Romeo Gabriola Torres attacking our TV guest.  I have copies of every word on the entire thread including some comments that were deleted.  Jojo Quimpo left this thread up on his public Facebook wall for all to see for about 19 days then conveniently took it down a couple of days before Anti Bullying Day.  Then Jojo Quimpo, Janice Lozano, Romeo Gabriola Torres and some of their associates put up a nice sweet pink shirt Anti Bullying day video which in my opinion is “Hypocritical”.

For those of you who asked why the alleged victims don’t take the Juatco’s to court,  just ask Connie Mananquil, the Burnaby accountant that won her BC Supreme court against Bodeng Juatco and the Philippine Chronicle.  According to the Province Newspaper,  the Supreme Court judge ordered The Philippine Chronicle to pay Connie Mananquil $15,000.00 years ago and Connie states she has never been paid since.  All that happened is she lost more money hiring lawyers to go after them.  The court system was not able to do anything.

The alleged victims have told me they came forward with the intention that their stories will be able to save other people from the same fate they suffered.  They wished they had known themselves.


I propose we create an opportunity for the Juatco’s to come forward and clearly show the community that they, in fact, do not owe anyone money as they have stated or to dispute any of the other allegations as told on Nellie Vandt’s site or the Province Newspaper.   They deserve that opportunity.

If agreeable by them, I will create a database of all allegations against the Juatco family which will include what is on Nellie Vandt’s site, The Province newspaper and all other individuals that have come forward before and after the Province newspaper article.  I will list the evidence each party has in detail.

I will present this list to the Juatco’s then they will have a chance to gather their counter proof to show what is not true.   We will keep all this information in public so everyone is aware what is alleged and what they will do about it.    We could sit down on live camera with all the Juatco’s and the alleged victims so both parties can present their evidence together.  

The simple fact is someone is not telling the truth here.  It’s either all the alleged victims or the Juatco’s.  It’s as simple as that.   I will give the Juatco’s until November 30th/2013 to let me know their intentions one way or the other.   If the Juatco’s choose not to participate,  I will conclude they have no such counter evidence.  The public can decide what to think after that.   

Bodeng & Erly Juatco and  Roque Juatco Jr.,  my number is 604-288-7664,  my email is

Let’s conclude this.


Steve Marshall