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STORY POST #6 : Unreplaced 6 month old Bounce Check of Philippine Asian Chronicle for committed advertising fee of $500 for MHHS Souvenir Program for Queen Jubilee Award in Feb. 2013

My name is Ching Colobong, I am an active leader of the community.

I have been working in the community for so long and I have been devoted to the community all these years.

I have seen the (Nellie Vandt) website and I think that this is really a concern in behalf of those people in the blog. I don’t usually explore what I heard or what I see but what I read and see in the website is something really surprising to me.

I uphold the legacy of the Filipino people…. I have high hopes that we Filipinos should join together and unite. We should be able to resolve problems like these that “ikinahihiya” [Translation: we are ashamed of] in the community.

Don’t take me wrong. I am just giving my concept and opinion of what is going on in the community. It is not a matter of fighting or being enemies… but we should go back to our people that have been hurt and we just have to face them.

We have to react now because this problem is getting bigger. I hope that these things will be resolved one way or the other. I hope to hear solutions in the future if not as soon as possible.

Being Filipino-Canadians, I think that we should aspire to have a good impression of what our fellow immigrants and citizens will have for us.

I wish that my statement now would make somebody realize that we have to settle  our  responsibility.

For you Bodeng (Juatco), I would like to inform you that these words of mine is in (sic) behalf of the MHHS (Multicultural Helping House Society).

We have not received any replacement regarding the check (shown below) that you have sent – which is already belatedly [link to email03 dated 2013 March 05]  during the Queen Jubilee Award for the Souvenir program [link to Cover Page ] back page [link to Back Page of the Souvenir Program] which you committed [link to email dated 2013 January 07] and [email 02 dated 20 February, 2013] for Philippine Asian Chronicle in January for the February Awarding Ceremony which you were a recipient yourself.

Cheque - Copy

Link to Philippine Asian Chronicle editorial story of Roque Juatco himself about the Queen Diamond Jubilee Medal Award he received last February:]

The staff have contacted you and emailed you a number of times but haven’t receive the payment or the committed replacement check of March 2013 [email04 dated 2013 March 05 ] up until this date, August 17th.

This is already almost the end of August. This amount owing is already 6 months past.  This $500 bounce check has not been replaced.

We were not able to finalize the report for the event because of this, and this would affect the MHHS records.

CREDENTIALS OF THE WRITER, CHING COLOBONG: [link to Concepcion “Ching” Baquiran-Colobong feature in MHHS Souvenir Program as a Queen Diamond Jubilee Awardee last February 2013]

BODENG JUATCO ACCORDING TO MHHS QUEEN DIAMOND JUBILEE SOUVENIR PROGRAM:  [link to Roque “Bodeng” Juatco feature  in MHHS Souvenir Program as a Queen Diamond Jubilee Awardee last February 2013]