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I received this handwritten testimony of Mr. Rolando Gonzales Salazar with permission to post it “AS IS”.  This is his story on what he experienced with Roque “Bodeng” Juatco Sr. and Erlinda “Erly” Valdes Juatco  which started 2 decades ago.

He called his story “The Perfect Storm (Scam)”.  

(Note: His 5 pages handwritten letter is on the links at the bottom of this post.)

He narrated how he was:

  • befriended by Roque “Bodeng” Juatco Sr. first by being co-members of Pioneer Ballroom Dancers in 1986
  • encouraged by Erlinda “Erly” Juatco to invest in the Philippine Chronicle business in early ’90s
  • blinded by an offer to be a personal chauffer to famous celebrity Philippine Superstar Nora Aunor when the Juatco’s produced the concert in 1994
  • convinced to use his credit card to pay for airline tickets of Nora Aunor (paid for in 6 months time)
  • asked to guarantee buying a car for their son Roque “Rocky” “Jun-jun” Juatco Jr. in 1996,
  • made to believe the car would be transferred to their Juatco name the following day but was never done;
  • informed by ICBC a month later that the car got into accident and written-off
  • sued by lender HSBC, and because he was the guarantor – by law, he was liable,
  • ordered by the court to pay $400 a month for 4 years for a car loan he never really had for himself and a car he never even used once ($400 x 48 months = $19, 200 + $800 initial pay = $20,000)
  • spent additional money hiring his lawyer
  • never heard anything from the Juatco’s after, NO APOLOGY, NO REGRETS, NO NOTHING.

Below are excerpts of Rolly Salazar’s words, sentences, phrases [sic] on the testimony:

  • “We hang around a lot, became very close friends knowing we both came from the same province of Nueva Ecija in the Philippines”
  • “I thought I was a producer after putting out money for airfare and driving the Superstar around but it never happened”
  • “I also have several of her bounced cheques; bounced replacement cheques too”
  • “I guess this is her way of living; cheat people around and pretend they are well-off. They wanted a lifestyle of the Rich & Famous but they have-not. It’s too FAKE
  • I am still furious and hated myself so much for doing such a stupid thing.
  • I was so vulnerable, gullible and damn (with tears dripping down my eyes) I pity myself so much. It’s like loosing control of yourself.”
  • “What have I done wrong to deserve this. Is helping people a crime?”
  • “coz I feel that the community condemned me and left me wounded without caring at all!!”
  • “Before I signed the papers I said to Bodeng, “I am only doing this for you”. Being a close friend and buddy….”
  • “ICBC guy came….suggested that transfer of ownership can be done the next day. I specifically told Bodeng to do this, knowing the son is irresponsible”
  • “Imagine a family of unemployed people. No credit; bad credit you name it. The signs were all there to commit a SCAM. but why did I do it? because; The Devil Made Me do it.”
  • “I was so furious! How can I trust Bodeng when I specifically told him “I am only doing this for you” What kind of a father is He? you let your son drive a car in someone elses name….”
  • “After all this; I have never heard a word from the Juatco’s. No Apology; No Regret’s no nothing. To them, I was only an statistic.”
  • “I have lost $20,000 that could help a lot of poor people in the Philippines…It’s hard earned; hard worked and most of all clean money!!!”
  • “My conscience is clean; I can face anyone w/o shame; I can deal with people w/ integrity because I know I AM NOT A BAD PERSON.”
  • “P.S. If only I could save another soul from being a victim of this “Evil: people. writing my story is all worth it!!!”

Here below are pages of the ENTIRE hand written testimonial submission of Rolando “Rolly” Salazar to this blog:  







Click on this this link to view copy of File Summary Report on HSBC case vs Rolando Salazar on the B.C.Ministry of Justice Court Services Online Records. Please NOTE that this file shows Rolando Salazar as the defendant since he was the one sued by HSBC for the amount of the car loan understandably because he was the guarantor, and Erlinda “Erly” Juatco and Roque “Bodeng” Juatco Sr. as only the 3rd party even if it is their son, Roque “Rocky” Juatco, Jr. who used the car. Details of the case can be seen by ordering copy online.  [Source:]


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