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STORY POST #03: Pork N Bean Show Stars Unfortunate Story & Bad Experience with Janice Lozano involving ONLY $300.00

My name is Jojo Alpuerto. I believe this stories because Jerry Legaspi (Papa Bear) and I also have a very bad experience with Janice Lozano last year after performing at the Pinoy Fiesta Vancouver.

My purpose in life is to make other people happy. Not to destroy others reputation, but the more we keep quiet the more people will suffer. Sometimes the best solution is to tell the TRUTH.

This is the story of Pork and Bean experience with Janice Lozano

After performing at the Pinoy Fiesta Hirit Event last year August 12, 2012, Janice Lozano told us she will support us in our shows.

As we had an upcoming launching concert on Oct 13, 2012, she (Janice Lozano) ask for 20 tickets she promise to sell to support us. Jerry Legaspi gave her the 20 tickets.  (link to Facebook text msgs between Jerry Legaspi and Janice Lozano)

A week before the concert, we ask for the payment of the tickets and set appointments with Janice Lozano to meet. Twice with Nhemy Cepeda and one with Jerry Legaspi. On those three appointments she did not show up although she promised to.

On the night of the concert she came with more than 10 people. She approach our producer Alvin Relleve and told him she forgot the 20 tickets at home and was asking for new tickets so they can avail of the free appetizer. She didn’t give the payment for the missing tickets and asking for new tickets again. Kuya Alvin, didn’t give her tickets because the tickets are sold out.

After our performance, Janice approach Alvin again and trying to give him the receipt of the food Janice group ate. She want Alvin to pay the food they ate. Alvin told Janice Lozano, Just pay the food you ate, and do not pay the $20 tickets anymore. Alvin said that, thinking that if he pays for the food, that will be a double stupidity for him. (Imagine Janice keeping the payment for the tickets she sold, then Alvin paying for the food Janice group ate.)

That is not the worse part. Of course we will talk about this because this is the truth. So this people with Janice Lozano who paid for the tickets thought that Alvin was spreading the rumors that they did not pay for the tickets. They even message Alvin in Facebook  why Alvin is telling people that they didn’t pay. The truth is, these people thinks or Janice Lozano told them that the payment for the tickets was given to Alvin which is not true.

In short, the people with Janice Lozano who paid for the tickets have all the right to be mad with Kuya Alvin if Alvin received the payment for the tickets.

They should be mad at Janice Lozano because as the leader of the group, She should have told them the truth that the tickets payment were not remitted to Alvin. This is like scamming your own people.

The price of the ticket is only $15.  $15 x 20= $300. It is hard for me to believe that a person can lie and risk her integrity for this very small amount.


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